12 books for babies under 12 months

12 books for babies under 12 months

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As parents we are always told how important it is to read to our children from a young age. When I had my first child, I remember feeling somewhat overwhelmed by all the book choices for babies and didn’t really know where to start. Thankfully however, I was lucky to get some pointers from friends together with a great selection of books as gifts so thought I would share the ones that are most read, two babies later.

This list of 12 books for babies under 12 months falls into 5 different categories

Touchy feely books – babies can interact and explore lots of different textures

1. ‘That’s Not My’ series by Fiona Watt

2. Happy Families from Ladybird Baby Touch Collection

Baby Faces – babies love looking at other babies!

3.  Baby Faces from Amazing Baby Collection

4. Baby Faces Peekaboo by DK Books

Peekaboo books – help babies thinking and memory skills

5. Eyes, Nose, Toes Peekaboo by DK Books

6. Farm Peekaboo  by DK Books

Puppet books – help to encourage interactive play

7. The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Finger Puppet book by Eric Carle

8. Guess How Much I Love You: One More Tickle by Sam McBratney

Bed Time Books – stories to help bond with your baby before bedtime

9. On The Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman

10. Guess How Much I love you by Sam McBratney

11. Ten Little Fingers Ten Little Toes by Helen Oxenbury

12. Sometimes by Emma Dodd

You can find more books to read to a newborn or a preemie in hospital here.

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