World Prematurity Day

World Prematurity Day


On World Prematurity Day, I’m sharing this picture of Amy which was taken minutes after she took her spectacular leap into the world at just 25 weeks. 

Look at her. Her raw pink skin. Her eyes still fused closed. Her little button nose. Her little bottom lip. Her face covered in plasters to secure the ventilator. Her perfect tiny hands. Her legs kicking and fighting. So tiny she would fit into someone’s hand. So tiny her arm was the size of my baby finger. A baby born way too soon for this world.

This is what extreme prematurity looks like. I wish that no baby had to go through what Amy had to endure but she is among 4,500 babies born prematurely every year in Ireland.  World Prematurity Day is about raising awareness so that more can be done to prevent preterm birth.

So if you know or love a preemie, think purple today.


To read more about Amy’s journey in NICU, have a look at the Welcome Post


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