Reflux sucks so here’s an honest guide

Reflux sucks so here’s an honest guide

Reflux. Where does one start?! Up until recently I never realised the extent to which reflux is an overwhelming problem for so many babies; both term & preemies alike.

In the context of my little one’s overall journey, as a baby born 15 weeks too early, I realise this is a somewhat minor problem. That said, it doesn’t always feel like that when we’re in the midst of long restless feeds, projectile vomiting and ’50 shades of grey’ episodes. Sometimes I just want to cry but then there’s times when all I can do is laugh. Like when I reflect on the places this tiny little baba’s projectile vomit has managed to reach. Places such as:
  • down my front
  • down my back
  • in my handbag
  • in my shoe
  • in the fireplace
  • all over my friend in Starbucks (thankfully she is also a mum of a preemie and was very understanding. We are still talking)

Then there’s her 21 month old big sister’s reaction every time she throws up: “Oh no. sh*t”. (I’ve no idea where she picked that up???!!) “That’s right, oh no sick. Your little sister got SICK.”

While funny reflux is not, I realise that sometimes a sense of humour works best for me. I’m still figuring it all out but here’s my take on reflux so far:

Raise ’em up – basically all the time during & after feeds
Ensure all items and friends are out of (vomiting) firing line
Feed all day (also known as ‘little & often’)
Laundry bin – buy a big one cause you’ll fill it. Every day.
Use bibs & towels; the thicker the better. Dribble proof bibs are best. Zippy and  Babybooseem to come highly recommended.

Xtracurricular activities – accept limitations due to the amount of time you’ll spend feeding & keeping your baby upright. You can use this time to catch up on your digital correspondence. Reflux related (Surviving Reflux Ireland Facebook page or The Reflux Bible app are good) or otherwise.

As we continue to navigate our way through this feeding journey, the experts say, like fine wine, reflux gets better with age. In the meantime, and while I wait to arrive at this better place, I can’t help but think….. thank god for wine.


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