5 beautiful books to read to a newborn and especially a preemie

5 beautiful books to read to a newborn and especially a preemie

One of the things we loved doing early on in Amy’s life was to read to her in NICU. Often just through the door of her incubator, I felt it was a nice way for Amy to get to know our voices and hopefully brought her some comfort. It really helped with the bonding process and seemed like a more ‘homely’ thing to do amidst the intensity of the intensive care environment.

Amy was lucky to receive many beautiful books as gifts from our very thoughtful friends & family. There are some we feel had particular resonance for a small baby and especially a tiny preemie. Here they are;

1. All In A Day 
By Cynthia Rylant
A beautiful book about making each day count. It seemed so fitting on this journey when its best to take things one step at a time and appreciate each day. As Amy became more alert, the imagery in this book really appealed to her as it’s very simple, bold and predominantly black, white & yellow.
2. When I Am Big 
By Penny Johnson & Kirsten Irving
A Jellycat book about a little bunny who just cannot wait to grow up. You can also get soft toys of the bunnies that feature in the book. I got a little one for Amy and a larger one for her big sister.
3. My Little Star
By Mark Sperring  & Nicola O’Byrne
This is all about the love and pride a mum or dad feels for their “little stars”.
4. On The Night You Were Born
By Nancy Tillman
Our absolute favourite, this book celebrates the miracle that is every single baby born and the mark they make in the world: “life will never be the same”.
5. I’d Know You Anywhere 
By Nancy Tillman
From the same author as ‘On the night you were born’ this is another beautiful story that is all about how well a parent will know and love their little one, no matter what they choose to be in life.
You can find more tips on things to do when your baby is in hospital in the NICU survival guide 

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