6 ways being an NICU mum has changed me

6 ways being an NICU mum has changed me

Six months on and look how much we’ve changed
It’s hard to believe it’s six months today since lil Miss Amy made her spectacular leap into the world at just 25 weeks gestation. We’ve come a long way in 6 months, and not just in nappy sizes.

Amy is almost unrecognisable today when compared with the teeny tiny little baby of six months ago, so fragile and weighing only 1lb15oz. I’ve also changed. Here’s the 6 ways being an NICU mum has changed me in the last 6 months:
  1. I’ve aged;  The ageing process has been expedited to an unimaginable extent #aged6yearsin6months
  2. I’m now hypersensitive to alarming noises; the sound of any type of alarm sends me into orbit. Every time.  #isshebreathing?
  3. My OCD tendencies have peaked to epic levels;  hand washing 100 times a day and constant application of hand sanitising gel doesn’t end in NICU.
  4. I’m now a professional worrier; as much as you try not to, the worry is endless. Breathing, feeding, weight gain, infection, developmental milestones……
  5. I’ve had a massive existential crisis; we’ve met so many amazing people on this journey (nurses, doctors, parents & babies) that it leaves you wondering “what have I been doing with my life”?!! #sowanttogiveback
  6. I want a crystal ball more than ever before; I just want to know that everything is going to be ok.
It really has been a life changer and while I don’t think I could do it again, I still can’t help but feel very very lucky and despite all the worries, I’m so looking forward to the next six months of Amy’s exciting little life!
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2 thoughts on “6 ways being an NICU mum has changed me

  1. Congratulations on Amy. She is amazing and wonderful. My son Conor was born in Holles Street at 27+ 2. Spent 8 weeks in NICU and 4 weeks in SCBU MULLINGAR. YOU described my life perfectly in your paragraph as a NICU mum. God bless xxxx Lesley Fay


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