The first 10 days of having a preemie home, in 10 emotions

The first 10 days of having a preemie home, in 10 emotions

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From elation to deflation, its been an interesting but absolutely Amyazing 10 days. Here it is in 10 emotions:

  1. Elation -we’re finally home. Yay!! #bustinouttahere
  2. Besotted – I’m so utterly & completely in love with this beautiful tiny little person #143
  3. Exhaustion – can’t sleep a wink! (Not sure if the much-used adage “sleep when your baby sleeps” ever applies when you have a newborn, but it definitely doesn’t apply when you take a preemie home – see also emotion no 5)
  4. Denial – She’s not really here beside me, is she?!!
  5. Panic – ok, yes she’s here but is she still breathing?!! (Apnoea monitor going off. OMG!)
  6. Relief – its a false alarm!
  7. Daunted – we are now fully responsible for this little person #notqualifiedforthis
  8. Protective – adoring crazy toddler sister  (aka a petri dish for germs) keeps touching & kissing baby. Heart loves this, head not sure
  9. Deflation – little ones eyes stuck together and green #firstinfection #backtoRotunda #couldbesomuchworse
  10. Grateful – it was 10 days of highs & lows but I can’t forget the journey Amy has been on & how lucky we are to have her home
As they say life is a rollercoaster. I’ve got to ride it, stay strong and just relax!
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One thought on “The first 10 days of having a preemie home, in 10 emotions

  1. Hi , just want to say best of luck to your little girl for the future , my daughter was born at 25 wks 3 days , in hospital for 4 months , went through every emotion during that time , she’s 22 years old this October , miracles happen every day , just believe , God bless all of you x Lisa

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