Welcome to Baby Amyazing

Welcome to Baby Amyazing

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Amy-azing. According to Urbandictionary.com is “more then just amazing, and probably the most awesome person ever rolled into one word”. This is how I feel about my daughter Amy who was born in February 2016 15 weeks premature.

When Amy took her leap into the world on the leap year day, we were told it was going to be a long road ahead with months in hospital. I don’t think anything could have prepared us for what lay ahead. Weighing just 890g, we could never have imagined a baby so small and we were now immersed in a whole new scary world; the world of NICU; a place of both hope and probability.

Born kicking and very feisty, Amy really did keep the team in NICU on their toes from day 1 and was always full of surprises. Her time in hospital is probably best described in numbers:

1.5 – Amy’s lowest weight in pounds

4 – the number of times Amy was intubated

6 – the number blood transfusions Amy received

9 – days of steroids to get Amy off the ventilator for good

10 – the estimated number of times Amy was bagged because she had stopped breathing

23 – the number of days of on/off ventilation

43 – the number of additional days of mechanical breathing support on BIPAP & CPAP

66 – the total number of days Amy was on breathing support

70 – the length of time in days if took Amy to learn to feed from a bottle

143 – the number of days Amy spent in hospital. (she was discharged on 21st July at age 5 weeks corrected)

Home with us now, and on caffeine to minimise any episodes of apnoea, I realise that while Amy had a very challenging time, she is one of the very very lucky ones. Although we will live in a period of uncertainty now as Amy develops and grows, I know Amy’s fighting spirit will see her through. She’s Amy-azing after all!

As her mother, I hope I can repay her now for all those days in hospital she spent fighting and when really I couldn’t help. (Thankfully she had a wonderful medical team in the Rotunda Hospital that could) My promise to her now is that I will give her everything I’ve got.

In creating this blog, Baby Amyazing, and in sharing Amy’s journey my hope is that others may be helped through similar experiences.

Judy Mullane (mum to Baby Amy) 

You can view a video of Amy’s journey to home here

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to Baby Amyazing

  1. Such a beautifully written, heartfelt piece. Inspiration comes in many forms and it’s really clear that 1.5lbs of little girl can pack a serious punch. What an incredible little fighter. Wishing Amy and the rest of you all the best on what already has been an extraordinary journey.


  2. We had our twins at 30 weeks in the Rotunda. The staff there are just so special, genuinely fabulous people.. Best wishes to you all, cherish your little lady she is just so precious

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  3. What tremendous and informative articles and blogs. You Three Judy Gary and Isabellle have had a very difficult 143 days you all are amazing to have weathered this experience specially Judy. Tis so exciting to now havie the georgous Amy home with you all. God bless xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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