Things to do with your baby when in hospital

Things to do with your baby when in hospital

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Ask the nurses about the times of daily cares/feeds and try to be there at those times when you might be able to do things for your baby such as:

  • Change nappy
  • Check temperature
  • Hold the feeding syringe /feed a bottle
  • Wipes eyes and nose
  • Offer small drops of breast milk to moisten your baby’s mouth as it gets very dry in incubator
  • Hold your baby’s hand during suctioning\Give baby a top & tail wash (in the evenings)

Other things to do with your baby when he/she is in the incubator

  • Kangaroo Care
  • Hand swaddle (if baby not well enough for kangaroo care)
  • Chat & read stories
  •  Sing songs

As your baby gets older and more alert, they will need extra stimulation such as:

  • Lots more chatting, stories and singing
  • Black & white flashcards (stuck to cot) – the physiotherapist can provide you with these or there are many downloadable versions available on the internet
  • Cot mobile – clip on ones are best for the hospital cots
  • Baby mirror – attached to cot or a standalone one for tummytime
  • Music – play music to your baby via an MP3 player connected to a wireless Bluetooth speaker. Classical music, and particularly Mozart, is understood to be very good for baby’s cognitive development

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