Places to go for coffee / lunch near the Rotunda Hospital

Places to go for coffee / lunch near the Rotunda Hospital

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It took me a while to find places to go for nibbles (as an alternative to McDonalds) so thought it might be useful to share a list of the some of the great spots I eventually found.

1. Deli 147, Parnell St – for the most amazing sandwiches, great coffee and on Thurs – Sat they stock incredible donuts

2. Kanoodle, Marlborough St –do healthy Asian food

3.The Old Music Shop and Candy Café, North Frederick Street – have a good selection of freshly made sambos & salads

4. Baxter & Green, Dunnes Stores, Henry Street (great deli counter, hot roast sambos & fresh salads)

5. Clodagh’s Kitchen, Arnotts – serve nice breakfast & lunch

6. Aungier Dangier, Arnotts (Liffey Street Entrance) – for delicious donuts that will fill you up for a few hours. Good coffee too

7. Tesco, Parnell St – you can get a “lunch deal” for about €3.50

8. Marks & Spencer (food all entrance on Liffey St) – often do lunch meal deals and have some nice pre-prepared salad boxes

9. Itsabagel, Hugh lane Gallery, Parnell Square North – nice bright setting

A little further a field….
10. Oxmantown, Mary’s Abbey (off Capel St) – new place serving fantastic sandwiches

11. Brother Hubbards, Capel St – great sambos & good hot food selection too

12. Laine my Love, Talbot St – recently opened on bottom of Talbot street; very cool venue with lunch & sweet treats

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