Parent to parent guide to surviving NICU

Parent to parent guide to surviving NICU

Welcome to the start of your journey in NICU. Right now, you are probably experiencing a number of mixed emotions. Firstly there is the overwhelming sense of detachment and separation from your baby who is not by your side as you had envisaged.

You are probably feeling grief for the pregnancy & birth that you had hoped for and the difficult road that may lie ahead for your baby. As you watch your baby fight so hard, you feel a complete sense of helplessness while the medical team essentially become your baby’s primary care givers and not you, the parents.

However long or short your stay, it is a difficult time for any parent; there may be extremely challenging days for your baby and NICU can be a very sad place. Having spent almost 5 months (143 days) in the Rotunda Neo-natal Unit with my 25 weeker, I wanted to share some tips on surviving this experience including:

Making the best of your time in hospital

Looking after yourself

Things to do with your baby while in hospital

Some tips on expressing

Places to go for coffee/lunch near the Rotunda Hospital

Advice for parents who live far away from the hospital

In doing this, my hope is that this will help make things a little easier during your baby’s stay in hospital. Written from a parent’s perspective, the tips can be found here on the blog and are based on what worked for us and summarise some of the good advice we got along the way. We also wanted to share some of the things we wish we had known early on, that might have helped us better navigate this journey.

Wishing you & your warrior baby the very best of luck.

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3 thoughts on “Parent to parent guide to surviving NICU

  1. I needed to read Amy’s story. I gave birth to a little boy on the 19th July at exactly 24 weeks. He is in NICU in The Coombe and we are just starting our journey. My emotions are all over the place, Ok one minute crying the next. At times I think to myself how is he ever going to come home to us but I know I need to be strong and positive for him. He has Chronic Lung Disease which when we were told knocked me for six. The nurses are truly amazing, I am in awe of them.
    I am so so happy to read Amy’s story and the positive outcome it has xx


    1. Hi Sarah, congratulations on the birth of your baby boy; 3 weeks in the world today! It really is a rollercoaster and I found I just had to go with the ups and the downs. But your baby’s resilience will really amaze you, as will your own strength. Please keep in touch. We’re on Facebook and on twitter @babyamyazing. Will be thinking of you on your journey and hope this blog will be somewhat helpful xx


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