Making the most of your time in the hospital

Making the most of your time in the hospital

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The days in hospital with your baby can feel very long. Here are a few tips to help make the most of your time there and make it as productive and pleasant as possible given the situation.

1. Try to establish a daily routine in the hospital (e.g. cares, feeds, expressing) to give structure to your day. This will also help pass the time and make you feel like you have a purpose
2. Get to know the nurses and doctors & make an effort to know their names – they are very important people in your baby’s life in the neo-natal unit and fostering a relationship with the team will make your time in the hospital so much more pleasant
3. Get to know some of the other mammies & daddies in the unit – they will be at different stages of the journey so it’s mutually beneficial
4. The hospital is not a perfect environment but try to stay focused on all the good things rather than dwell on the bad
5. Make the most of the resources available in the hospital (e.g. chaplain, social worker, lactation consultant, physiotherapist )
6. If you are worried when you’re not with your baby, don’t be shy about ringing the hospital – even a brief update might help you sleep better
7. Keep a log/ diary of your baby’s weight together with key medical milestones – this will help you stay on top of your baby’s progress. This will enable you to have more informed discussions with the medical team and be a better advocate for your baby
8. Say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to the neo-natal unit staff at the end of each day

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