Looking after yourself when your baby is in hospital

Looking after yourself when your baby is in hospital

1. Stay positive – make a note of at least one positive from each day (even on the very difficult days)

2. Put your best foot forward; have a nice long shower/bath each day, put on your make up & wear comfy clothes that make you feel nice

3. Take things day by day, especially in the very early days, and try to enjoy each and every precious day with your baby

4. Reach out to family & friends; share pictures and updates on your baby’s progress – the positivity and thoughtfulness of others will give you a lift.

5. Reach out to others who have been on this journey. (Irish Premature Babies has a very active Facebook page and is a place where lots of positive stories are shared)

6. Drink lots of water & carry a bottle with you all the time (it gets very warm in the neo-natal unit)

7. Take breaks from the hospital during the day – get out for a walk, browse around the shops or grab a coffee /lunch (For list of suggested places click here)

8. Create ‘You time’ outside of the daily hospital routine – you won’t always feel like doing anything but a night out with your partner/friends or some pampering will make you feel so much better

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