6 quick tips on expressing

6 quick tips on expressing

I found pumping breast milk for Amy tough going but I’m so glad that I persevered for 4 months as I feel it gave her a great start and also gave me a sense of purpose especially in the very early days in NICU.

Thought it might be useful to share some quick tips I learned along the way that made it that bit easier

1. Ask midwives/lactation consultant about the “Shake Rattle and Roll” method – this really helped get things going for me after the baby’s delivery

2. Rent a hospital grade pump & double pump –it will save you so much time

3. Purchase an extra pumping kit so you don’t have to sterilise the kit each time

4. Medela Quick Clean Microwave sterilising bags are great – use an individual bag for each individual kit to keep sterile for longer

5. At home, create a nice pumping space with a comfy chair, photos of your baby and some books/ magazines

6. If you need you need to express with other ‘little people’ around, have children’s books to hand too. The ipad or iphone also comes in very handy here and make sure to close the door so that they can’t wander off out of your sight while you’re tied to the breast pump!

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